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The nozzle performs four basic functions

  • Atomizes liquid into droplets.

  • Disperses the droplets in a specific pattern.

  • Meters liquid at a certain flow rate.

  • Provides hydraulic momentum.


The Nozzle Tip is one of the most important and least expensive part of a spraying system.

Common types of Hymatic Spray Nozzles:

Hollow cone nozzles-Disc and core type

  • These are used primarily where plant foliage penetration is essential for effective insect and disease control, and where drift is not a major consideration.

  • At pressures of 40 - 8- psi hollow cone nozzles give excellent spray coverage to the undersides of reduces penetration correspondingly.

Flat fan nozzles

  • These are used largely for broadcast spraying, where foliar penetration and coverage are not essential.

  • The best operating pressure for flat fan nozzles is 15 - 30 psi, which produce coarser droplets that are not susceptible to drift.

Adjustable nozzles

  • This model is capable of producing a cone spray in various angles, and also a solid or broken jet spray.

Double swivel nozzles

  • This has two swivel nozzles instead of one, capable of independent movement.

Spray boom

  • This design consists of several nozzles mounted on a rod, ideally suited to row crops, and can be operated with foot / rocker / knapsack / power operated sprayers.

Spray guns (Hy-Jet Gun)

  • Spray guns consist of cut-of-value extension rod and nozzle and can be trigger or hand-operated.

  • The spray pattern is adjustable from solid jet to hollow cone, and are most widely used for tall trees.

Selecting a spray nozzle

  • The proper selection and use of spray nozzle is the most important part of spraying.

  • The nozzle determines the amount of spray that is generated over a given area, the uniformity of the spray produced, the coverage obtained and the amount of drift that occurs.

  • The nozzle selected must optimize coverage application rate and pressure and minimize loss through drift. For each kind of application, depending on the physical conditions prevailing, a different nozzle design is available.

  • Nozzle tips are available in brass, stainless steel, and engineering plastic.

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